A few days ago I was struck by how much Scotland has changed in the last decade. I had this revelation while watching the 1:50pm train from Kilmarnock to Dumfries approach me. As the train gently moved near the platform, I realised that I was about to board a giant blue saltire. All four corners of the carriage had white circles, arranged in a sharp triangular pattern, pointing to the middle of the train. The rest of the carriages were clearly in the deep blue of the Scottish flag. How long had they been like this? Why was it even necessary? I’m well aware that I live in Scotland. I had a vague memory that they used to be painted in a dark brown livery at some point but I couldn’t remember when.


I appreciate that I’m travelling with Scotrail, but isn’t this a bit much? I would be horrified and slightly embarrassed to see a train completely covered with the Union flag, despite considering myself to be British. I could understand if it was a special ceremonial train, but just a normal one?

This is the more insidious face of Scottish nationalism at the moment. Something very slow and deliberate, but that slowly reinforces the sense of difference with the rest of the United Kingdom, particularly England. Scottish nationalism is slowly turning politics into a form of entertainment with the space for debate and discussion gradually being sidelined and where nationalist symbols are given increasing space.

Wherever you live you will probably see saltires on poles, windows, cars, wheelie bin, clothing and upper torsos. Graffiti with a nationalist bent can now be witnessed along train lines and roads. There’s a particularity prominent “END LONDON RULE” scrawled on an underpass between Gretna Green and Carlisle. I have seen a “RED TORIES OUT” in New Cumnock and someone even took time to get a ladder, drag it out of their house, set it up and write “Yes” on the dirt and grime on a “Welcome to Maybole” sign along the A77 in South Ayrshire.

In a similar vein, I witnessed a lengthy procession of cars on the Sunday before the 2015 general election, drive by me with saltires and SNP flags fluttering from the windows and radio antenna. The spirit of Scotia certainly reigned fearless and free that morning as it went by at 30mph, stuck to the window of a H plate Ford Focus. All I could do was to smile serenely and be as firm as my native rock as the nationalist onslaught motored by.

Even the former First Minister of Scotland, Alec Salmond, indulges in crass and vulgar nationalist sentiment. Remember when he unfurled the saltire behind Andy Murray at Wimbledon. This was the First Minister of Scotland and he should have been above such behaviour. Luckily, this is something that I have yet to see his successor do to the same extent.


This isn’t an entirely new phenomena either. During the Festival of Britain in 1951, there was a related exhibition at Kelvin Hall, which the nationalists stole the sign from, as they believed it to be another example of “English colonialism” rather than an attempt to recognise cultural differences within the United Kingdom.

New phenomena or not, when you’re out and about, count how many houses, cars and other vehicles have an SNP sticker on them. It might surprise you. Where I live, there is an entire camper van festooned with “Yes” stickers and saltires. I have also seen a few “Don’t blame me I voted yes” stickers on the back windows of cars. I could counter this by putting a “Thank me later, I voted No” over it, thus saving this particular car owner an estimated £2000 a year, decades of political, social and economic upheaval and from a living in a small nation with no armed forces and representation on global institutions. Already I have seen the first “I’m with Nicola” window stickers start to appear. It would appear that no one is with Ruth, Kezia, Willie or Patrick.

This extends from the top of the party, to local councillors and to ordinary members. I have been present at community meetings where some of the people present have had small saltire badges and the SNP logo pinned to their person. These are just regular meetings where the minutiae of community affairs such as pot holes and Christmas lights are discussed. I saw a woman with her nails painted with the SNP logo. I know that, somewhere, there is a jewellers that is manufacturing the SNP logo in earring form. I know this because I saw a woman wearing them. Now imagine if you saw someone wearing the Labour rose, the Lib-Dem torch or the Conservative oak tree. Aesthetically pleasing adornment it may be, but you’d think they had went mad or that they were an idealogical zealot.

I have no problem with people supporting any political party they want, even the more extreme and fringe parties. It’s their right to express their opinion (within reason, obviously) even if it makes us uncomfortable, but whatever happened to keeping your political affiliation private, at least in public.

The SNP have tapped into this new wave of nationalism and extroverted politics very well. Every-time I see an SNP politician, they either/and have a saltire or SNP logo pinned to their lapel, much like the ordinary members. The twitter profile picture for the Transport Minister, Derek Mackay had him looking into the middle distance with a nine foot saltire behind him. I get it, you’re an SNP minister, you’re a Scottish nationalist. You need to maintain group cohesion and demonstrate your in-group/out-group credentials, but cant you just give it a rest sometimes.

You’re also a senior politician and we don’t need to be constantly reminded of where you come from and what party you represent. Whether you like it or not Scotland is still part of the United Kingdom even though you don’t think it should be. I respect you as a democratically elected official, you can at least accept that the majority of the Scottish people probably don’t want nationalist symbols constantly flaunted by you.

The style of politics that the SNP want to create is similar to what you see gaining increasing prominence in the United States. Nosily exuberant , grievance based and constantly based on the vilification of the “other”, be they political or national. The First Ministers standard response to most questions during the leader debates is to blame “tory austerity” regardless of what was asked. I haven’t had the benefit of a long political career but is this the only issue that is causing all of the economic, social and cultural issues in Scotland?

After the referendum there was a huge SNP conference/event hybrid with over 12,000 supporters in attendance, with saltires aplenty and the majority of the participants waving giant yellow SNP foam fingers. Guest appearances by the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, Blank Canvas and a rapper called Stanley Odd, waxing lyrical about “I don’t know, but I didn’t vote No!”, “When I say bed tax, you say nae chance!” and that “British values need a respirator!”. The highlight of his repertoire was the amazing rap, “Son, I voted Yes”. A heartfelt lament of a parent telling their son that they voted yes because “a yes vote provided hope” with “a witch at Westminster” starring as the central villain and also mentioning that they “stopped our free will” as well. Quite an achievement for any government.


I would encourage anyone reading this to follow the link below . Even if you voted yes or for the SNP, please watch it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqfVICUKtl8&nohtml5=False). Of course the main event of this strange and incongruous event, at least in Scottish political history, was the appearance of Nicola Sturgeon wearing a pink tartan blouse, without this I wouldn’t have been able to tell what nation she belonged to. It was also the subtle sartorial clues (Hint: blue and white with a splash of SNP yellow) from the audience and the worrying lack of any other accent or nationality apart from Scottish that eventfully gave it way for me.

This event was organised by the party in power in Scotland since 2007. They control almost every political lever. They are the government. This event was something that actually happened in 2014 and is a terrifying dystopic vision of Scotland’s future where politics, extroverted nationalism and vapid entertainment all combine to force out debate, opposing views and any evidence that might counter the nationalist cause even if it would be to Scotland’s benefit.

I might be wrong, but I don’t see other political parties embarking on such a display as this, even during election times or at their party conference. No doubt, the nationalists could argue that the last night of the Proms features more patriotic flag waving and fervour. They may be right, but the Proms is a celebration of British history and culture with a slightly more internationalist leaning with foreign performers and composers and non-British pieces of music. More importantly, it doesn’t touch on contemporary grievance politics and isn’t organised by the party in office.

In my relativity short life, I have witnessed Scotland going from a stoic, sensible nation, where politics was based on the traditional left-right ideology and people made decisions based on economic and social evidence, to a place where large swathes of the population would vote for a party that’s primary aim would cause them grave, long lasting, deep economic harm and social uncertainty, but yet would happily dismiss anything that counters this view. Any contrary evidence is just debunked as the work of the “establishment” or “Wastemonster” or “quisling politicians”.

Scotland is not turning into a healthy nation. We have trains with the livery of our national flag. Swathes of the population will now not even consider voting for a party other then the SNP despite mounting evidence that they haven’t really been “Stronger for Scotland” (certainly louder, though) and that independence would have been a Darien scheme for the 21st century. A man can rap about the death of British values in Glaswegian Scots at an event sponsored by the main political party in Scotland. The First Minister herself uses the endless rhetoric of “tory austerity” as a reverse totem to rally her supporters around, giving them something to blame all of Scotland’s issues on rather than deftly examining other reasons such as globalisation or the growing lack of personal responsibility. The saltire not only flutters above public buildings but also in private gardens. Individually these isolated events would not bother me and would be barely perceptible. Taken together they result in a cacophony of nationalism that is getting increasing more belligerent in its endless pursuit of the promotion of difference with the rest of the United Kingdom.


31 thoughts on “Not The Scotland I Want To See

  1. Totally agree ,I wish I could put as eloquently as you,you covered almost all that worries me.
    One thing is they have made me almost ashamed to be a Scot,they have stolen my international football team, my musical heritage as in Caledonia, Runrig, the Proclaimers, Only Billy Connoly seems to have spoken out against them.
    Its as if someone has cast a spell over normally rational ,intelligent people who have now lost the ability to think for themselves.
    A lot of hard times ahead,
    SNP played a great game with disillusioned voters
    if you give a drowning man straw to cling onto, he will certainly drown.

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  2. I agree with sentiments. Reason many others do not show flags or stickers with alternative parties is risk of damage. This was very prominent during referendum. If they at least accepted the truth it may no t be so bad…but point out facts and you get either ignored or taken toa task with something totally irrelevant.

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    1. Good morning Bill. Thank you for your comment and reading the article. I agree very much with what you said. I myself have been called “stupid” by some Scottish nationalists after a work related meeting. I was also told to F@£k off on two occasions during door to door canvassing with Better Together. It does appear to be getting to the stage that if you now support a party other than the SNP you are labelled as a traitor to Scotland now. I have written two other articles dealing with elements of what you have mentioned in your comment, here : https://theoutoftouchunionist.wordpress.com/2015/11/24/the-worst-of-scottish-nationalism/ and here: https://theoutoftouchunionist.wordpress.com/2016/03/06/my-british-identity/ I hope you enjoy them, if you want to read them. If not, again thanks for the comment.

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  3. What a load of bollocking coming from someone or sorry something claiming to be Scottish . I don’t care for the SNP either . But you have turned against your own , not only that but you bring us down for flying the flag and being proud of Scotland . immargate we don’t want u here .


    1. Your response really verifies the essence of the article- it is small minded and aggressive. “We don’t want you here” – what a dreadful thing to say, from a nation which is world renowned for hospitality and a warm welcome to all. As for ‘turning against your own’, I don’t see any turning, just a concern that dissent will not be tolerated in the “people’s republic of Caledonia”, where tolerance of others and an acceptance that we are all entitled to our views and to express them.

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  4. Very interesting and it is relief to know I am not the only one who notices this nationalist nonsense. In many ways, it causes a sort of cultural cognitive dissonance, people would argue that Scotland is completely separate from the Union when that is impossible. Scottish nationalist would like to believe they are not British but every part of Scottish culture is seamed with British culture, it cannot be separated. Though this is not through lack of effort; they try and separate the cultures to look distinct. An interesting example of this is the Kelvingrove Art Museum. Walking through the museum you see a galaxy of items from the British Empire, sarcophagi from Egypt, Sir Roger the Asian Elephant enlivens the imagination of life in British India, the hanging Spitfire a monument to Britain conquering Nazism, and Glasgow’s industrial heritage is demonstrated with pride – ‘the second city of the Empire’ an emblazoned heading reads. After leaving the museum I looked up to appreciate the exquisite Spanish Barque architecture, and on gazing towards the roof. I espied four flag poles. Shimmering proudly the Scottish flag danced in not one, not two, but three of those four poles. The last pole stood empty, naked of any symbol. How peculiar, I thought, all that booty of Empire and not a hint of its source. Perhaps that empty flag pole was not so empty of symbolism, after all. For there, a crest the Museum, an invisible British flag courted the wind, just as the cultural heritage of Britain in the museum is invisible; just as Britain’s cultural heritage in Glasgow is invisible to the nationalist; just as Britain’s cultural heritage in Scotland is invisible.

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  5. Reading this rubbish nearly gave me the boak.
    Talk about the cringe get over yourself wither you silly proud Scots?British nationalists like it or not Scotland has never historically been part of Britain as the area name Britannica by the Romans stopped at Hadrian s wall everything north of that was called Caledonia.
    Would you feel the same way if the English throw off there oppression of nationality and celebrated there nation by flying flag and celebrating there distinct culture ?
    History tells us that all empires die and that nations and peoples survive .
    The British dominance of the planet and of this land mass is over the nations of these Isles are regrouping for the future and Britain/Westminster has no place in it.


  6. I actually really enjoyed this well written article. It gives me hope and pride that at last our Nation has woken up to the evil greed, arms dealing, nuclear weapons dumping on our Country. People have had enough. Scotland IS a different Country in ethics and our open mind to outsiders. We are Internationalists. We want immigrants to support our economy and we love England. We just see an end to the BritishEmpire you admit to loving – which intact is a sign of your British Nationalism. The youth will bring a nuclear free, ethical, socially just, wealthy Country who stands against theBankers greed, Westminster lies, illegal wars and modern greed. I have never been or will be British. Scotland and our beautiful people,culture, friendliness, wisdom, music, scenery, social justice and peace will win in the end. This is more than just a flag. It is hope for our future against the evils in the modern World that comes from Westminster and their friends. Scotland does not want weapons on our land forced on us by your beloved British Empire. The tide is turning and it is exciting to see the young have ambition, vision and hope that the stagnant imperialist British Nationalist types do not like. We are peaceful and colourful and look forward to the day you can see deep down that this is a movement who see a peaceful, ethical future while within a balanced economy. Many people are realising daily that there is a new way. Come and join us. Peace and love CJ.


    1. Good morning. Thank you for taking the time to read the article, Craig. I agree with many of your sentiments, but unfortunately not all of them. However, I think we both want the best for Scotland, I just believe that’s this is best achieved through the Union, rather than through independence. Again, thanks for the Informative and well argued, opposing comment.

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  7. Thank you for replying. I have many English friends who are fighting tirelessly for the YES campaign, even now. I agree we both want a better society. But that will never happen in the status quo. Change is the way forward. Maybe if you agree on some of my points then you may see why we want a YES vote in the future. We are not all crazy Nationalists 😉 I am actually in the Financial field and have discussed Scotland with English/Tory/Capitalist Fund managers and they explained to me Scotland can prosper after a time of change. I wanted to thank you for the well written article, even if I am on the other side. I have no doubt Scotland will be a Nation again. Every single flag, sticker, song or smile that I see gives me hope and joy. Like I wave to other convertible car owners, we wave to fellow YESSERs too. Take care and speak to us Internationalists if you can.


  8. You’re certainly not alone in this and strike a cord with those who would ultimately pay for such nationalist separatism.

    I’m amazed at the pull of nationalism (which tries to disguise itself as patriotism) though I shouldn’t be as it clearly appeals to the destitute, deluded and devoid of economic faculty. All the Nationalist Separatists above display each trait in bucket loads.

    We’ve answered the Separatist referendum with a strong NO but they will continue to whine and use euphemisms to hide their anglophobia and republicanism using words like “London”, “Westminster” and “SE England” to thinly disguise it. Hatred is innate in them – a manufactured victimhood with a self delusion of grandeur where they want to blame others for their ineffectual lives. Wrap them up with the saltire and shout “It’s London” and they get all gooey and emotional.

    The SNP have divided Scots and used our useful idiots & taxes to reinforce their own propaganda but they will never succeed; after all economic fact can’t be changed. Economic fact flies in the face of the Sturgeon / Salmond saviors who tell their cultish followers they could feed them on a few loaves and 2 fish.

    Fortunately Scotland has a majority of rationalists and not nationalists and will not surrender to economic idiocy for the whim of a mainly hateful, parochial nationalism seeking power, not for the benefit of Scottish people, for their own desire of power.

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    1. Jim, surely you are Nationalist too? Why do Unionists use the term in a negative way? You also sum up the NO voter…….money and greed. Surely there is more to life than this? SNP have unified Scotland and our people whether Scottish/Italian/English or Polish. I lived in the South of France and everybody wanted Scotland to be a Nation again, only traditional British Nationalists did not – like yourself sadly. The old way is passing and there is a new hope. Luckily Scotland has many peaceful, anti nuclear, internationalists who want to break the chains of the old imperialist, unionist regime. 50% of Scots will vote SNP. Shame you think they are all cultish followers. Imagine voting for a regime who do not adhere to the will of the people. Scotland does not want nuclear weapons on our soil but we have to surrender to the power of another Country who places them there against our will. That is not democracy. In time Scotland will become another Iceland. We will jail our illegal bankers and politicians, we will recognise Palestine and stand against illegal wars and weapons. If you are happy with all this, then you are welcome to the NO movement.


      1. Craig – You’re using the old Nat riposte of obfuscation with “You’re a Nationalist too” argument. It is always the same predictable and wrong response. No diatribe from me about how the British are so more morally and socially just.

        SNP driven Nationalism is about differentiation. About how we are different from those only 100 miles away. About how we somehow are a homogenous group. How we think alike and believe in esoteric vacuous sentiments of ‘social justice’ and your version of being a ‘Nation’ whereas the English somehow don’t hold these views.

        The simplistic view you hold (as you lived in the South of France & everyone thinks that…..) puts you in the delusional classification. I’ve lived & worked (for years) in Kosovo, Bosnia, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kenya, Somalia and many other countries where Nationalism & tribalism is rife and has proven deadly. Funnily enough most of the people I have worked with have a very high regard of the UK (even when I say I’m from Scotland) and not a hatred despite our colonial history.

        Scotland doesn’t want Nuclear weapons? Another sure sign of simplistic delusion. Scots don’t even hold that in their top ten concerns in governance. It’s like asking who wants war – ridiculous comment. Having Trident in Scotland may be “against your will” – not Scotland’s as you so exaggerate. As for your Iceland. You’ve really drunk the cool aid haven’t you.

        If you want Separatism then that is fine. But don’t lie that it isn’t based on innate hatred & delusion and ask your followers this – Do you want “independence” even if Scotland will be worse off and won’t be able to fund our public services as they are delivered today. And if so – what will you cut?

        That is cold economic fact – something that the SNP and it’s slavish cult have lied continually – and to the people that the profess to care about.

        I bet you don’t.

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    2. Jim, you are British and I am Scottish. That is that. Time will tell where our Country goes. I can’t be bothered with your political answers. I am content in who I am. Proud to love my people and have faith in my Country. You are allowing people who don’t care for us to control us. Sad. Or maybe you are an Orangeman, Loyalist or Royalist who will never understand?


      1. And I though you were claiming to be “internationalist” Lol.

        There you go. You’re defining who is what in your parochial mind. You believe you decide who is Scottish / British / European or Internationalist. Is it Nationalists who really decide? You don’t even see the irony of what you write. You don’t even try to dispute economic fact – but that’s kudos to you for accepting it.

        Unfortunately for you Chris; the dream will never die. But reality did on September 18th 2014 and every morning you wake until your last breath.

        Have a nice day.

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    1. Hello. You’ve raised a fair point there. I would probably counter that passenger aircraft are more geared for international consumption and are used as “ambassadors” for their respective nations. Trains, buses etc are used for domestic travel such as commuting, shopping and day trips. The individuals using the service know where they live, they just want to get to their destination. I just found it strange that all trains in Scotland are essentially large travelling saltires now. They have been “politicised” with national colours and I certainly didn’t notice. Thanks again for the comment. It made me think and I hope my reply is adequate.


      1. The international point s a perfectly good one, and true. However, to return to the trains, I don’t remember a time when Scotrail trains weren’t blue and white, nor when the logo wasn’t a saltire after the dissolution of BR – and that’s going back at least 15 years before the first SNP govt.

        I think what happened to your brown train that went blue was simply that the operator changed.


    2. Pedantic and desperately grasping at nationalist straws.

      BA is a private commercial entity and sells their brand of red white and blue at home & around the world (their target market).

      SNP are government and abuses taxpayer revenue to push their nationalist separatist & parochial agenda.

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      1. Jim the British Unionist Loyalist Royalist Nationalist at work. Arrogant and sick. Imagine accusing Yes voters as dole scroungers. I actually own my on Financial Firm.


  9. Beautifully written article – particularly liked ‘…growing lack of personal responsibility’. Bingo! That’s exactly what fuels Scots Nationalism – it’s all about blaming somebody else.

    Incidentally, I was watching ‘Jim Callaghan Night’ on BBC Parliament last week, and there was an episode of Panorama from 1976, which had Callaghan getting grilled by David Dimbleby and three other journalists. Callaghan was pretty good, but when one of his inquisitors raised the plan for Scottish devolution, and suggested it would fire rather than subdue Scots Nationalism, he basically ignored the question, saying that it had been decided by the party in Scotland – which wasn’t an answer at all! (The exchange is here, starting at 37.30: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b077zhzy/callaghan-night-3-panorama-october-1976. Not sure how long it will be up for?)

    In looking at Callaghan’s non-answer and his apparent lack of interest in, and detailed knowledge of, the subject [Tony Blair’s was eerily similar], two things occurred to me: 1. the only reason ‘devolution’ was on the table, and gained any amount of traction, in the first place, was because it was a scrap thrown by Callaghan to appease the SNP in order to buy their votes and cling to power; and 2. if devolution came about, the ascension of the Nationalists – leading to the sorts of things you describe above – was inevitable – appeasement, after all, only weakens the appeasers, and strengthens the beneficiaries. One can therefore draw a straight line between the shabby deals Callaghan was cobbling together to try to stay in office, and the madhouse in which Scotland now finds itself.

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    1. WUJEANTY – yes you have some interesting points. I agree there has been political point scoring and tactics before and after the Scottish Parliament was built. Personally if I was Scots/British Unionist supporter I would see no point in us having a Parliament? For me Holyrood is my only Parliament. Us Yes/Indy people are taking massive responsibility by spending every day of every month trying to right the wrongs. Notice the Unionists have disappeared into their shells where they are happy in their little World. We fight on and are visible because we have a responsibility. Indy people go out their way to fight for a just cause. The Unionists just hide and have no real reason to bother. They are selfish in my view. Not all, but many are. £££££££


      1. Selfish? Because we won’t pay for your economic idiocy? We didn’t buy into a Salmond / Sturgeon Nationalist Ponsi scheme? That’s your definition of ‘selfish’?

        Perhaps you should be thanking over 2 Million of us who voted No to keep you in the benefits you don’t deserve.

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  10. There you go again Craig. You can’t help but categorize others just because he or she distrusts Nationalist Separatism.

    If you’ve got a “Financial Firm” just don’t gamble your future on the success of a Nationalist Separatist Scotland.


  11. Hello. As a nationalist I was curious to see what the other side were saying, i imagined it a mirror and it seems i was right.

    You guys seem pretty chill.. and I don’t know if you will react with hate towards me, but I want to share why I am a nationalist, despite all the opinions to the contrary, here is my story.

    As a child I lived in Norfolk England, we had moved away from a town outside of Glasgow, we were in Norfolk for a short time but still it left an impression on me. Even the teachers treated me with disdain, they would speak directly to me or to the other teachers about me, all this was directed by the theme i was Scottish, i was the butt of their jokes and criticisms. One teacher treated me abusively, I was 6 yo and 2 years later I realized why the German kid was so happy I came. They use to call him.. well you can imagine, but now a Scot was there, the pressure was off for him, so the children could hate on a Scot, which going by their reaction was worse than certain german history.

    This left me with a sub-conscious impression i was ‘meant’ to be less than the English. Which manifested itself 6 or 7 years later, coming back in the rain one Sunday from Ingliston Market with a spray painted sign ‘English go home!’. it make me realize that we weren’t all one country and the feelings i had were understandable.

    I wanted to know more. So I asked around, watched TV programs, any information I could get my hands on as 12yo boy. I had watched Margaret Thatcher on TV.. her voice seemed like she hated us Scots. With every timber of her voice she washed away the ties of the worlds wars we had shared (through my teens) . Every week some news story about her closing down scottish jobs. When John Major came into office.. he reformed the social system.. I was 17yo, I was struggling to find a job, and so had to visit the DHSS as it was called then. before him.. it was much like the TV Show ‘Bread’ DHSS.. after him it was a place you could go and not feel bad.

    I had already made up my mind i was nationalist. we had a meager following, with my home town drawing only 300 votes for the SNP one year later, in the general election. I had access to more information now, accumulated by watching every TV show I could on Scottish independence.

    By now, I did not feel ‘British’ I felt ..Scottish. And when ever i had any doubts of this, all i would need to do is travel to England see how they treated me. Of course I have English friends and they treat me well or they would not be my friends; however, I have enough instances to prove to myself that English officials treated me poorly compared to an English counterpart. I am a second class citizen in Britain, and first class in Scotland. Perhaps you find my references vague.. couple of stories should suffice.

    My fiancee and I are trying to get her in to this country, we had 2 rejections of a visit visa for her .. so on the third we decided to copy the letters of a Welsh guy and his fiancee. We are similar enough situations that whatever we had done wrong the previous application this should have mended the discrepancies. The Welsh guy and his fiancee got accepted. we got refused. The ECO even adding little cheeky comments to us in the reply letter.

    I was previously involved with an American woman. She was an ex army vet with all sorts of clearances.First time she came to visit she landed in Edinburgh. not a problem. Second time she landed in Heathrow. She was going through customs happily chirping ‘I’m going to see my Scottish boyfriend’ like she often did. As soon as she said Scottish, they pulled her. 7 hours of degrading treatment doing unspeakable things to her.

    THIS IS ENGLAND. this is what England represents to me, this is what Britain represents to me.
    People who think they can do such things and get away with them. and right enough they did get away with it, why? because they were English. Even though we are no longer together.. I wish i knew that womans house that defiled my ex.. so I could set her house on fire!

    I myself have never been detained in an English airport, but they day might come where i wish i had a Scottish embassy as an option to not slit a custom officer throat for trying to defile me.

    Not pleasant is it?

    Britain is an ENGLISH country. Run by English for English. Honestly the EU did a better job in 30 years then the English did in 200. Ignore and deny Scottish wishes.. save Donald Dewar, who rightly, earned his statue in Glasgow.

    We must face facts.

    1) Scotland does not vote in the same way England does.
    2) England has a higher population than Scotland; so that means their votes combined will always ‘win’
    3) Nationalists like myself, are miserable with the status quo i.e being ruled by England in any matter. because the 2 points above.

    4) people see our passion.. and respond to it. mostly in a positive way, some negative but very few.

    I guess they have that passion for Britain and what that means to them. But to me Britain will always be a fallacy, an idea of a united kingdom, but in practise; Scotland is a long term occupied country. This is what truly makes me sad.. and the idea of Britain makes me sad. I want to be happy.. and that happiness comes at the price of freedom from England. In my town now.. 22 years after the SNP got those 300 votes.. everytime the SNP win at something. People here are happy for a few days after. The girl in the shop smiles easier and tells a joke.. people walking down the street will say hi for a few days. I live in a place that was pretty hostile for around 40 years ( whole town, not some seedy slum. i live in a good area myself). people get a .. happy for a few days. I want that for Scotland FULL time!.. like when i visit other countries and the people are HAPPY!


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